America: *Walks into room*
America: *Breathes*
Cuba: You know, I came out to have a good time and I am honestly feeling so attacked right now.


AnimeUSA Highlights! (Saturday)


What this? Koi’s Yaoi Con 2012 skit??? Why.. yes it is!!! Holy cow imagine that. lol

In case you were wondering, we won Best Group Skit. Which… was awesome :D!

And if you were interested in listening to us make fools of ourselves via the soundtrack, you can download it for free here: Road to El DaHomo


It’s much more than that let me explain…

what do you mean by that?

Yaoi fandom
Pretty gay boys everywhere
They will all come!
A tightness in your underwear!
Homo romance
From Japan to Yaoi con
Awkward bromance
They’ve just been friends all along!

One times two, and three plus four,
Gundam Boys are kind of whores!
(background) What.
I took his virginity~

Heroes, fried rice, single dads,
Hundred Power sex is rad!
Naruto tropes are just as bad
Ninja boys in lots of drag!

Eyesex, subtext, lots of beer!
Dean and Castiel
The slash is nearly canon here!
Wing porn, phone sex,
with a side of Sabriel.
All the kinks memes
are approved by

AkuRoku stole the fans
Seasalt ice cream dates and plans.
Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay
Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay

yatata yattatata!
It seems like the gaaay is over nine thouuusaaaand~

Fine’ly found it!
Now we’re not the only queers
Fanny bandit!
It’s all music to my ears!
El Da-homo!
Tulio, I love it here~
Miguel, I know!
I can sex you without fear!

Awkward pairing
I don’t care, this ship will fly
Lots of brooding

And in the end should someone die?

Homo romance
From Japan to Yaoi con
Awkward bromance
They’ve just been friends aaaaaall alooooong…!

Generally I like it.


… enjoy?


Valka Cosplay WIP - The Helmet

The entire mask was made entirely of worbla, an excellent thermiplastic. If you don’t know anything about worbla, I highly recommend this tutorial video by Kamui Cosplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXme58f4Ibc Its a tutorial for a breast plate, but the basics behind learning to use worbla still applies. 

I didn’t have a base to shape this around, I just shaped it around my head piece by piece, section by section, carefully sticking as close as I could with my references. One thing I learned quickly, is that their head anatomy is (obviously) impossible, so having it shaped around a real human head changed the shape quite a bit from the original. 

I love how sticky worbla is to itself, so using a heat gun, I just cut out strips and applied it everywhere I needed, any shape, and it stuck together very well.

For the horns, I wrapped them around clay to get the shape I wanted, then removed the clay, keeping the horns hollow and light (also vulnerable) but I didn’t want any more weight on my head then I already had.

Once the horns were all on, I sought advise to get the gritty texture that her mask has, and found that just using hot glue all over, and blending it with the hot glue head, gave it the best look!

I tested acrylic paint and matte mod podge on a tiny scrap of worbla to make sure it had the right look, and it did, so I was ready to paint and seal! Once the paint was dry, I did another coat of krylon matte spray and then its done! :D


Maybe he misses him a little…



I’m happy to announce a brand new video series produced by and starring yours truly! First episode is now live with new episodes incoming starting this Thursday!

Thanks to my lovely ladies Lorraine Cink, Carly Bradt, Katie Hondrogen Yaya Han for helping out! Plus to the amazing Marvel.com Video Team for helping this come to life!

Marvel Method: Cosplay - Episode #1

Ahh! this is a really great thing Judy and company put together! Seems like a nice mini-series that can demonstrate to the general public what goes on behind-the-scenes in cosplay. I admit I’m too terrified to watch Heroes of Cosplay, but I think whenever media can shine positive light on the intentions, expertise, and craft of cosplay is a step in a right direction. Cosplay is getting more mainstream, which has it’s pros and cons…

I’m genuinely interested in seeing how this project goes! As someone who’s self-taught, I really enjoy seeing how other people make things.


I’m listening to a piano version of The Dancing and the Dreaming and


I’m listening to a piano version of The Dancing and the Dreaming and

"Dad, there's something you should know!"
"Dad, there's something you should know!"


Check out our Varrick And Zhu Li in this AX video!!!


Most epic battle at Anime Expo


Most epic battle at Anime Expo